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Tempo 6TTMP Cambridge Commercial Carpet Tiles

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Buy Tempo 6TTMP Cambridge Carpet Tiles at

Tempo 6TTMP Carpet Tiles
Carpet Bargains can save you a ton of money on your
Cambridge commercial carpet tile project!

Tempo 6TTMP Carpet Tiles by Cambridge

Tempo commercial carpet tiles are made
to withstand heavy to severe foot traffic.

Tempo 6TTMP carpet tiles contain heavy scraper yarns
which makes them more resistant to severe foot traffic
and enables them to retain their original appearance.

Tempo 6TTMP commercial carpet tiles perfect for lobbies,
entry ways and corridors.
Cambridge Tempo commercial carpet tiles are easy to install
and made up of at least 40% recyled materials.

Our Tempo 6TTMP Carpet Tiles are built to last!

Call our Cambridge commercial carpet tile specialist today!

Tempo 6TTMP
Ballroom Dance TMP01
Style Tempo 6TTMP Ballroom Dance TMP01
Tempo 6TTMP
Drumroll TMP02
Style Tempo 6TTMP Drumroll TMP02
Tempo 6TTMP
Jazz Tune TMP03
Style Tempo 6TTMP Jazz Tune TMP03
Tempo 6TTMP
Classical TMP04
Style Tempo 6TTMP Classical TMP04
Tempo 6TTMP
Piano Concerto TMP05
Style Tempo 6TTMP Piano Concerto TMP05
Tempo 6TTMP
Style Tempo 6TTMP Country TMP06
Tempo 6TTMP
Style Tempo 6TTMP Waltz TMP07
Tempo 6TTMP
The Blues
Style Tempo 6TTMP The Blues TMP08
Tempo 6TTMP
Style Tempo 6TTMP Hip Hop TMP09

Choose Color:
Our samples are approximately 3" x 4". They are for color and texture reference only. They are not full size samples.

*Must use Beaulieu Adhesive on Tiles or Warranty is Invalid
Don't forget to order your glue!
If purchased separate from order, there is an additional freight charge.
Click here to view adhesives.

Each Case Contains:

18 tiles, 72 Sq Ft (8 Sq Yds), 24 x 24 inch tiles
Sold by the case.

$2.62 Sq Ft + Plus Freight

Style: Tempo 6TTMP
Fiber Type : Avalar® RE
Sustainability : Contains Recycled Content
Sustainability : Green Label Plus
Texture : Scroll
Product Type : Commercial Carpet Tile
Backing : Nexterra®
Dye Method : Solution Dyed
Tufted Weight : 30 Ozs
Warranty : Lifetime Limited Warranty
Width (Inches) : 24
Length (Inches) : 24
Case Qty : 18
Install Type : Quarter Turn (Parquet), Monolithic,
Brick, and Ashlar
Sold by case? : Yes

Tempo 6TTMP

Does not include freight. Freight charges will be added.
A mandatory $0.25/yd2 assessment on every square yard of carpet sold into California, starting March 1, 2016.

Delivery Type:

Delivery State Price per CASE:
Cases Needed:

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