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Spray-Lock 6500 Carpet Tile Adhesive

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Buy Spray-Lock 6500 Carpet Tile Adhesive

Carpet Bargains offers the best quality and time tested adhesives
to help you install carpet, carpet tiles or luxury

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Spray-Lock 6500 Carpet Tile Adhesive
Spray-Lock 6500 Adhesive

Shipping Included
Our Time Tested and Proven Adhesive
Pressure sensitive releaseable adhesive formulated for vinyl back carpet
must be used to insure proper installation. When shipped with your tile order,
the delivered price is $29.79 and up (depending on where you live-
see prices below) per container.

The usage rate for the 5-spot method is approximately 300 square feet per
container. Using a 1/16" notched trowel, allow 1 container per 180 square feet.


*If purchased separate from order, there is an additional freight charge.

Delivery State Price Per CONTAINER:
Number of Containers:

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