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Carpet Tiles? Why carpet tiles?

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We are the Original Online Site for True Carpet Bargains!

For FREE SAMPLES (up to 6 are free- freight will be charged for more than 6)
or if you want to see how a valued client is treated,
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We recommend using the 5-spot adhesive method with most of the carpet tiles we sell.

Have an area that demands durable carpet? Carpet squares are the answer!

They are ideal for:
Kitchens, Garages,
Mud rooms
Play rooms
Basements, dens,
Utility rooms
Enclosed porches,
Laundry rooms
Kid's rooms

And the comfortable, yet firm, surface makes them by far the best choice
for anyone who uses a walker or wheelchair!

Great for do-it-yourself!

Carpet squares are easy to install - no special tools required.
All you need is a straight edge, glue, a paint stir paddle, and a sharp knife.
Most carpet squares can be installed easily over wood, vinyl, tile, and concrete floors,
using our approved adhesive, with our simple 5-spot method. Here's how.

We do not sell seconds!

All carpet squares and carpet offered by us is
absolute first quality, and is guaranteed by us to be so!

We sell only commercial contract "high usage" tiles,
which are used, with good reason, by major corporations around the world!!
Don't be misled!

Our carpet squares are manufactured from premium solution dyed nylon,
and feature the best anti-soiling and anti-static protection available!

View our Carpet Tile Collection HERE.

Carpet Tiles? Why carpet tiles?
Since it's inception over 25 years ago, carpet tile has been the flooring of choice
for extreme high traffic areas, such as airports, restaurants, hospitals, etc.
Demanding conditions demand carpet tiles!

Carpet tiles will outwear conventional carpet at least 2 to 1!
In addition to being extremely durable, carpet tiles offer the distinct advantage
of easy spot replacement. If an area is damaged, simply lift out the damaged carpet tile
and trade it with one from a less obvious place - under a desk, sofa, or other less visible area.
The ability to easily replace carpet tiles which show abuse will by itself give you years more use
than can be expected from conventional carpet.

Well then, if carpet tile is so great, why doesn't everyone use carpet tiles?
The materials used in our carpet tiles are the finest available, and no expense is spared in making them.
The companies who use carpet tiles in their facilities don't want the hassle and expense
of replacing their carpet every few years, and don't mind paying a premium for them.
The fact is that most people either can't - or won't - pay the normal carpet tile price when doing their floors!

We are pleased to say
That we have the answer! We sell only first quality carpet tiles. These carpet tiles may be mill drops or over-runs.
When our mill makes carpet tiles for that huge company, we make some extras, just in case.
Our mill is also constantly trying a new fabric, a new yarn, or a new color.

Now you can have the best!

Our carpet tiles are just what the doctor ordered for that playroom, den, kid's room, office area,
whatever you see as a problem area! Full, simple to follow instructions are included in every box of carpet tile.
You can do-it-yourself and save even more!

Thanks for stopping by!

Phone: 1-800-226-8727
Fax: 1-706-695-8885
Mail: Carpetbargains Inc.

There are other companies online who claim to be equal to "carpet bargains",
but don't be fooled. There is only one true
We will treat you fairly and courteously and give you the best price!

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