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Adesa I424V - COREtec Commercial Multilayer WPC | Patcraft

Adesa I424V features a waterproof high performance core.

Patcraft LVP

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Benefits of Patcraft luxury vinyl planks:

  1. COREtec XRC waterproof core COREtec with xrc technology construction features a dense high-performance core (1900–2000 kg/m3) that provides stability and prevents expansion and contraction.

  2. Attached Cork underlayemnt with added sound benefit - provides sound absorption through the floor, reducing noise from foot traffic.

  3. Exoguard finish layer with enhanced durability to the surface layer resists against scratching, scuffing, chips and dents

  4. 20 MIL commercial wear layer protects against excessive wear.

  5. Print film layer laminated directly to the COREtec core protects against excessive wear.

  6. Requires little to no floor prep and hides most subfloor imperfections.

  7. Solid locking LVT featuring a water proof construction that provides protection from top down moisture.

Click on images below for larger view.

Cabin 00100
Adesa I424V Cabin 00100 LVP
Room Scene

Canoe 00125
Adesa I424V Canoe 00125 LVP
Room Scene

Meadow 00130
Adesa I424V Meadow 00130 LVP
Room Scene

Bellow 00500
Bellow 00500
Room Scene

Pike 00530
Pike 00530
Room Scene

Switchback 00545
Switchback 00545
Room Scene

Runlet 00560
Runlet 00560
Room Scene

Ember 00590
Ember 00590
Room Scene

Trailhead 00700
Trailhead 00700
Room Scene

Treeline 00715
Treeline 00715
Room Scene

Canyon 00730
Canyon 00730
Room Scene

Caribou 00745
Caribou 00745
Room Scene

Patcraft's Adesa I424V LVP with Waterproof Core

Please note style number and color number/name and then click here for our sample request form.,

Our samples are approximately 3" x 4" for color and texture reference only. They are not full size samples.
Up to 6 samples per order are free. Need more? Give us a call. For a small fee, we can ship them to you.

Each Case Contains:
Width (Inches) : 7.2
Length (Inches) : 48.03
Case Qty : 12
Sq Ft per Box : 28.84

Case Weight : 50 lbs
Sold by case : Yes

We cannot advertise our low prices.
Please call us at 1-833-383-0581 to request a quote.
Price Request Form

Don't forget to order your trims and moldings!
(please include color number when ordering)

Other accessories to order if applicable!


Style Name: Adesa
Style Number: I424V
Construction: COREtec Commercial Multilayer SPC
Attached Underlayment: 1.5 mm Cork
Wear Layer Thickness: 20 mil (.020 inches / .5 mm)
Overall Thickness: 0.216 inches (5.5 mm)
Edge Profile: Mini-Micro-Beveled Edge
Finish: ExoGuard™
Installation: Four Sided Locking Profile
for Floating or Glue Down Installation
Recommended Adhesive: See Installation Guidelines

Performance Testing
Static Load / ASTM F 970: Passes
Resistance to Indentation / ASTM 1914: Passes
Resistance to chemicals / ASTM F925: Passes
Radiant Flux / ASTM E 648: Class I
Smoke Density / ASTM E 662: <450
IIC Sound Rating / ASTM E492: Reduces sound of foot traffic and allows for decreased sound transfer between floors

15 Year Limited Commercial Warranty.

Installation Methods
Adesa LVP specs

Please note: Actual colors may vary slightly on screen. It's best to compare colors in person.
Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices. Samples are recommended.

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