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Patcraft Manner ClassicBac I0247 - Commercial Carpet | Patcraft

Buy Manner ClassicBac® I0247 by Patcraft

Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Patcraft Commercial Carpet

I0247 Manner Classicbac Commercial Carpet by Patcraft

Pattern Loop Commercial Carpet made for severe foot traffic. This Patcraft broadloom commercial carpeting is suitable for offices, lobbies, conference rooms and other severe traffic areas. Made from Solution Q Nylon, Manner ClassicBac® I0247 is manufactured in the USA
and is available in 9 colors.

Patcraft carpeting is made with incredible quality. Therefore, this broadloom commercial flooring comes with a 10 Year Commercial Limited Warranty.

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Literal 47201
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Literal 47201
Novel 47209
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Novel 47209
Abstract 47303
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Abstract 47303
Cautious 47406
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Cautious 47406
Shotgun 47407
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Shotgun 47407
Stylized 47502
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Stylized 47502
Surreal 47505
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Surreal 47505
Free Form 47508
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Free Form 47508
Structured 47704
Manner ClassicBac® I0247 Color Structured 47704
Choose Color:    

Our samples are approximately 3" x 4" for color and texture reference only. They are not full size samples.
Up to 6 samples per order are free. Need more? Give us a call. For a small fee, we can ship them to you.

Please note: Actual colors may vary slightly on screen. It's best to compare colors in person.
Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices. Samples are recommended.

Manner ClassicBac® I0247

Roll = 125'+ (12' x 125' or more)

$12.99 sq yd/roll - ($1.45 sq ft/roll)
sq yd/cut - ($1.61 sq ft/cut)
+ freight

Don't forget your padding or glue!
If purchased separate from order,
there is an additional freight charge.

Carpet Bargains Direct from Dalton, Georgia
"The Carpet Capital of The World"
Length (feet) : 125
Width (feet) : 12
Fiber : Solution Q Nylon
Backing : ClassicBac®
Warranty : 10 Year Commercial Limited
Construction : Pattern Loop
Product Type : Broadloom
Recyclability : 100% Recyclable
Traffic : Severe
Dye Method : 78% Solution Dyed / 22% Yarn Dyed
Tufted Yarn Weight : 25 Ozs
Collection : pdQ Approach

Does not include freight. Freight charges will be added.
A mandatory $0.25/yd2 assessment on every square yard of carpet sold into California,
starting March 1, 2016 will also be added.
Order Less than 1500 Sq Ft Here

Delivery Type:

Delivery State:
Sq Ft:

Does not include freight. Freight charges will be added.
A mandatory $0.25/yd2 assessment on every square yard of carpet sold into California,
starting March 1, 2016 will also be added.
Order 1500 Sq Ft or MORE Here

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Delivery State:
Sq Ft:
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Please Note:
*Because of the size and weight of carpet rolls,
we recommend that you have your order shipped to a business
with a loading dock or arrange to have the carpet picked up at the truck dock by your installer.

**We also recommend that you have your carpet installed by a professional carpet installer.

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